Power Affirmation: You Have Permission.

A non-judgemental awareness practice

by Stacy Lafley

January 16, 2019

Do you ever find yourself feeling a way you “shouldn’t” be feeling?  


Some examples::

I should be feeling grateful, but instead I’m sad.

I am practicing meditation or yoga, yet I’m angry.

I should be energized from sleeping enough, but I’m feeling tired and run down.

I should be feeling loving, but I kind of hate everyone right now.


Emotions are hard enough to handle on their own, and then we go ahead and judge ourselves for having them on top of that!

Ever try to push the “not your highest-self feelings” down in avaliant attempt to take the higher road of grace and achieve Buddha-like zen?


Yeah.  Me too.  I know this story because it’s my own.  


So, what about this instead…


YOU ARE ALLOWED.  YOU HAVE PERMISSION.  Go ahead, feel your feelings.  


Take a breath, let it sink it.


WHEW.  A space gets created.  You are free to feel your feelings, and thus allow them to pass through you.  They don’t have to own you or define you, but you can have them, feel them fully, and allow them to pass.


No fighting, no trying to be perfect.  You are perfect WITHIN your imperfections.  The horrible parts are allowed.  The sadness, the anger, thefrustration, it’s all allowed.  You are made of lightness AND darkness - accept all of you. Not fighting against your emotions is one way to practice loving yourself more fully.  Permission granted.


We are human, ya’ll.  Allow space for that.  

On a personal note, I've been working with this powerful affirmation -- "You are allowed", for the past couple of weeks, and it's been working wonders for me. I've been feeling a lot lighter. Once I give myself permission to have my feelings, or think my more horrible thoughts, they don't seem to carry as much weight anymore.  

This is a practice in non-judgmental awareness. Keep practicing, and watch what shifts.


Love you and can’t wait to get groovy with you in the New Year!