Give Your Skin Some Flowers

A nourishing DIY toner to make your skin feel loved

by Stacy Lafley

September 6, 2018

Why is toner important?? Toner cleanes and tones the skin, and prepares the skin for moisturizing.  If you regularly use makeup, or live in a more polluted enviroment (aka, the city), you'll probably benefit from this addition to your skin care routine. It's especially good in the summer, when our skin is more oily from those sticky summer days & sunscreen!

I used to use a storebrand toner which I loved, but my curiosity got the best of me and I knew I had the tools at my disposal to make my own.  I've been dabbling in essential oils for awhile now, and the possibilities are endless for natural self-care.  Besides, most store bought body products are laden with chemicals.

Here’s the thing. Whatever you put on your skin, your skin is literally DRINKING THAT IN.  If we are going to be mindful about what we eat, say, or think, then the same should go for our skin care.  Your skin is your largest organ and your first contact with the outside world. Nature is close at hand, and it HEALS.  Your skin is probably craving it!

In this incredibly simple recipe, I use 3 awesome skin fortifying and healing essential oils…. Lavender, frankincense, and geranium.  I use DoTerra oils because I appreciate the quality, and so far they have worked very well for me.  Be very carefully to buy pure, 3rd party tested essential oils, and not "fragrance oils".  If you find a cheap oil, most chances are that they are adultered in some way.

You can make a prettier label for your bottle, but you won't find a prettier cat!


Lavender is overall wonderful and soothing for everything- skin, muscles, emotions, you name it. Because of it’s antibacterial qualities, it keeps pores clean and fights acne.   Lavendar is also great for dry OR oily skin because it’s qualities are excellent at balancing your skin’s moisture. Finally, lavender is ananti-inflammatory, so any redness, soreness, blotchiness, etc are taken care of.

Frankincense has many of the same qualities as lavender, it’sjust STRONGER.  Frankincense is the king of oils and incredible in so many ways. It’s a powerful anti-aging and wrinkle fighter, and is astringent to the skin.  It helps to repair and protectyour skin cells.  Also, like lavender, it smells WONDERFUL and is so very soothing to the senses.


Finally, we have geranium. This little flower has a STRONG smell. Just opening the bottle can be intense. I initially bought this oil because it (like frankincense) is good for combating feelings of depression.  I think of geranium as my “wintertime” oil because that’s when it’s strong smellis the most soothing to me, and it lifts me right out of my funk and into the most magical, surprising energy shift.  


Geranium is basically the same as the other two oils in terms of it’s antioxidant, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatoryproperties (to name a few!).  It’s great for keeping the skin firm and supple. The different skin healing compounds found in each plant make a powerhouse of oils when they are added together--- easy happy skin!

To make the toner, simply pour the following into a 4ozglass or stainless steel spritz bottle.

One step away from happy skin!

¼ cup Witch Hazel (alcohol free is best)

¼ cup Rose water

6 drops Frankincense

6 drops lavender

4 drops Geranium


After you wash your face, shake it up and spritz!  Enjoy the good vibes.  Then follow up with your favorite moisturizer.  


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