6 Easy Ways to Invite Positive Energy into Your Home

Do you feel settled, comfortable, and relaxed when in your house? If not, it may be time to make some simple changes.

by Stacy Lafley

May 4, 2017

Do you ever think about how important your home environment is to your sanity and well-being? Your living space can influence your mood, stress levels, focus, productivity, and relationships.


Home is where you go to rest and re-coop, so you are ready to face the big wide world out there. Your sense of security, balance, happiness, etc… it all starts in the home.   Home is associated with the root chakra, which when balanced, provides feelings of security, safety, and connectedness.   Do you feel settled, comfortable, and relaxed when in your house?  If not, it may be time to make some simple changes.  


Remember, you exchange energy with the space around you, and you and others create vibrations that you may wish to cleanse and offset.    You might not realize that the energy of your home has fallen “off” until you take the actions to turn it back on.   If you are feeling stuck in a rut, or struggling emotionally in some way, adjusting your home-vibes may help!    


1)     DE-CLUTTER.    It is hard to think clearly when the home is cluttered. Look around, and you may start to get a sense of what un-needed items or un-dealt with tasks are draining you and your home of energy.  Focus on one small area at a time that you would like to declutter- you don’t need to take it on all at once.  GET RID OF WHAT YOU DON’T NEED.  “Does it bring you joy?” Hot Tip:  If you’ve got piles of papers on your counter or desk, at least start by stacking everything neatly in one pile.  This is much less distressing to look at.   Decluttering will allow your home, and you, to “breathe”.


2)    Add Plant Life.  Adopt some house plants to increase the energy and vitality of your home.  Succulents and bamboo can be an easy start – there’s no harm in trying!  I’ll be the first to admit, a plant or two has died under my care, but that won’t stop me from continuing to learn.  NASA even recommends that you bring some plants into your living space - some varieties will help clean the air of the toxins / chemicals that come from normal household synthetic stuff!   Some examples of plants that will clean the air are Spider Plants and Dracaenas, however according to Feng Shui, plants with larger, rounder leaves invite in more positive energy.  My advice to you is just start SOMEWHERE.  Get something green, and put it in a pot. If you have a desk or a workspace at home, adding some green life can invite more creativity and productivity.  Bright, happy flowers are an upbeat addition to dining rooms or anywhere that you spend most of your time.  I’ve found that Alstroemeria flowers live for a long time – and sometimes they are on sale at Kroger!

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3)    Place amethyst geodes or clutters in visible places and corners around the home.  Amethyst carries a strong vibration that is very protective.   It clears the space of all negative energies and carries a soothing vibration.  I like to place them in corners, where energy can sometimes get “stuck”, or where heavier energy likes to hide.  I also have a big geode (thanks mom!) on my fireplace mantel with is visible from my kitchen, living room, and front door.


Next time you see some amethyst clusters for sale, remember that they are not only pretty, but they will also protect your home from negativity and emit a sweet and calming vibration.  There are many more crystals that are beneficial, but I would rate amethyst as #1 for upleveling your home environment. Remember, crystals are billions or years old.  They carry a lot of wisdom and are beneficial to keep around- not to mention, they are so pretty!! You can also place an amethyst tumble stone under your pillow to strengthen your intuition and allow you to better remember your dreams, as well as protect you from nightmares. 

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4)    Get your ions in check. Open all the windows and turn on some Himalayan salt lamps / candle holders.  Air in the home can get stagnant, so sometimes simply opening a bunch of windows can make a big difference in the energy flow.  For an added effect, open the windows after a thunderstorm when the air is full of negative ions.  Negative ions have been said to effect biochemical reactions in our bodies that help to relieve stress and depression.  These invisible molecules are found naturally in mountain air, or by a waterfall.    Positive ions, on the other hand, are produced by our electronic devices.  See the difference?  You can also use Himalayan salt lamps to add negative ions to the air, and create a soothing, happy glow.  People have reported all kinds of different sweet benefits of salt lamps, such as allergy reduction!  Give it a try and see how you feel. 

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5)    Burn Sage.  Sometimes, despite our best efforts to tidy up and bring happy and inspiring items into the home, something still feels “off”. Burning sage is a great way to cleanse the home’s energy of any and all negativity, and allow for a positive energy flow.  This ancient practice is called “smudging”.   Sage has been used for hundreds of years in sacred, purifying and protective rituals.    There is no “wrong way” to use sage.  The power of your intention goes a long way.


  I suggest taking a few moments to center yourself, and also to thank the sage and state your intention.  For example, “I cleanse this room of any negativity.  Only vibrations of love, light, and healing are allowed to inhabit this space.”  I will repeat my intention as a mantra as I move from room to room with the burning sage, fanning the smoke through the air.  The website http://worldpsychic.org/how-to/proper-use-smudging-purification-healing/- is helpful if you plan to sage your home.  For you scientists out there, not only does sage cleanse the energy of the space, but also clears the air of harmful bacteria!

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6)    Get the lighting right.  Open your blinds to let in lots of natural sunlight.   It can also be helpful to leave the blinds open in your bedroom while you sleep to help you reset circadian rhythms, depending on how direct the sunlight is.   If your house doesn’t get a lot of natural light, opt for full-spectrum bulbs or LEDs.  Even more helpful, if you suffer from Seasonal Affected Disorder (who doesn’t?!) is to get a therapy lamp that mimics the effects of a sunny sky. 


In the evening, add candles and Himalayan salt lamps to your lighting scheme.  Dimmer switches can also help you to create a calmer mood, and aren’t difficult to install (so I’m told).  If you have a particularly shadowy corner, find a way to add some light to it so that the energy of the room is balanced.  An expensive but game-changing option are Hue Lights, which allow you to adjust the color of your light bulbs with an app on your phone.  Different colors carry different vibrational energies, so you can have a lot of control with the creation of a “mood” in the room.   I love green and pink to activate the heart chakra, and it makes my home feel both festive and cozy in the evenings.